About Michelle





"You want to be a beauty therapist... With those grades... What a waste!"

As a young girl growing up in Buckinghamshire I knew I wanted to make people feel better and care for them so I set to work learning to be a beauty therapist at The London College of Fashion, Oxford Circus. 2 years later I graduated and got my first appointment in an acne clinic learning the ropes.




In-Flight Treatments


During my first year I learned of a new venture Richard Branson was introducing to Virgin Atlantic Airways - Beauty Therapy on board his flights... That was me sold! I hadn't discovered my passion for travelling yet but I started to get 'an itch' to travel. After first working in the Virgin Touch Spa in the Upper Class Lounge at Heathrow pampering the Upper Class passengers. I spent 12 months in Majorca helping to set up Richard Branson's spa in his Hotel 'La Residencia' in Deia. I then returned to the UK and spent 2 years travelling the world providing in flight treatments to the Upper Class Passengers.


I lived in New Zealand for a year as a spa Manager then Sales Person and Trainer for Dermalogica and PhD waxing system.

Virgin Touch Spa opens, La Residencia, Mallorca. Feature O.K. Magazine.
The Chelsea Club Spa




On my return to the UK I helped set up the Chelsea Club Spa and then moved to work for Elemis where I spent seven amazing years. Four of those in UK sales before finally returning to travel as 'International Distribution Sales Manager'. 


It was at this stage I left my corporate world to have 2 beautiful baby girls. 


Now they are little people I have set up my own private treatment room at home going back to my roots by providing beauty treatments for both Face & Body and drawing on my twenty years of experience to make a difference to people's lives and wellbeing.