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  1. How to spa at home

    Spa at home R&R


    You will need...

    Hair conditioner

    Bath oil/salts/foam

    Body oil/lotion

    Body brush

    Body scrub

    Body wash

    Face mask




    Decant enough body oil for 1 use into sealed container (old travel size bottle or old hotel amenities shamp/cont bottle)

    Have a quick shower to clean and wash your hair, leave your conditioner/hair mask in cover with a towel to keep you head warm open your hair follicles allowing your hair treatment penetrate your scalp.

    Make your bath removing any children's toys.

    Run your bath with bath salts/oil of your choice. It's important to keep your bathroom door closed to trap all the heat and aromas (especially if your using essential oils) 

    Put your decanted body oil into the bath (still in bottle, this warms the oil ready to apply after your bath)

    Warm your towels on radiator, dressing gown at the ready. 

    Dry Body brush your whole body being sure to brush towards the heart. (Upwards on legs & arms) body brushing helps to remove dead skin cells and also flushes toxins and increases blood supply to skin. 

    Light your favourite candle/s

    Make warm drink, detox/herbal tea. 

    Stand in the bath and apply a body scrub in circular movements all over your body. 

    Apply face mask

    Submerge, close your eyes and try to concentrate on your breathing for 1 minute making sure to inhale through your nose and exhale from your mouth. Breathe in all your aromatherapy aromas and relax! 

    Remove mask after 10mins

    If you've had oil in your hair wash it out 

    Condition your hair (or remove your leave in conditioner) 

    When you get out of the bath use a body oil on excessive dry areas and a body lotion all over. 

    Use your toner to close your pores and continue with your daily skincare routine.

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